How to create a social unlock campaign

1.Select the type of campaign, you want to create. YTSUBME provides 3 types of unlocking for creating a campaign. They are secret links, coupon codes and streams.

Create a campaign

2.After selecting the type of campaign, add the actions you want to assign to your audience to unlock the campaign. You can also add multiple actions if required. You can also repeat the same action but not more then two times, which is called step limit. If you want to increase the number of your step limit then you might like to consider our YTSUBME Pro membership. 3.Now add the link of the platform for which you have selected the actions for your audience to complete them. 4.Enter your reward link in the required field, for the audience after they complete your defined actions. Your reward can be coupon codes, links, templates, videos, or any type of content. 5. Do you know that your campaigns can be customized too? First, you customize your campaign with the actions as per your requirement. Now you can customize your campaigns with some delightful gradients that help your campaigns to look attractive. If you own an online DIY store or clothing store or if you have an art supply or DIY YouTube channel then you would like your campaigns to look stylish and attractive and our customizing options can help you with that. You can also preview the campaign while creating it.


In case you don't want to with a gradient, then YTSUBME allows you to select a picture for a background, from your gallery. Our platform also allows you to keep the background as a video thumbnail. It automatically fetches the thumbnail of the video from the provided link and keeps it as a background. 6. You can also write a message for your loyal fans and supportive audience. message for audience in socialunlock 7. Lastly, you can also promote a video in the campaign that you have created. If you decide to promote a video in your campaign then your video will be started playing on its own and you won't have to wait for your audience to complete the action. 8. Finally, you can click on the publish button but before doing that make sure you have filled up all the information that was required. You can also go back if feel like you want to change something or you are missing out on something. These are the following steps for creating a social unlock campaign.

promote video on your link

Special features

  • Additionally, you can also collect and export the email list of your audience within a single click while running your campaign by enabling our integration ==Mailchimp==.
  • You can also collect donations from your loyal fans and supportive audience while running your campaigns by enabling our integration ==donation box==.
  • Get YTSUBME Pro to enable Mailchimp and Donation box.

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