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SocialLocker: Exchange social media actions

Fire Up your YOUTUBE subscribers & Boost your social media followers from the connect you really post, ask users to complete predefined actions to unlock an instant reward.Your audience should complete steps example : subscribe/follow you first & get redirected to download/music links etc

Verified actions -> Receive assured Social actions

Multiple Lockers -> Exchange social actions for coupons,link,stream link

Collect emails -> Export colelcted emails to mailchimp and more.

SocialHub: Save sharing time & engage.

One click to share to all your social Platform,Auto share photos, news and videos across your social networks. Auto post to Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, LinkedIn and more.

Schedule post -> Post to social media on your holidays hassle free.

Multipe platfroms -> Share With over 9+ platfroms & more adding soon

Reduce costs -> Be your own social marketer,why need one?

Changelog: Keep Your Customers Informed

Don't let your newest features and most exciting projects get buried in a blog or newsletter. Put your hard work in front of every customer and show them your improvements as they happen.

Logs people want to read -> Share beautiful and engaging updates in minutes..

Changes without interruption -> Choose from inline or sidebar widgets.

Improve your sales -> Capture your best prospects and most dedicated customers

Feedback: Know what's happening.

Collect issues, ideas and compliments with a simple widget. Receive them as email. Dive deep with the dashboard.

One-click Screenshots -> View screenshots, Device information at once

User Identification -> Reply to your customers by attaching their email address.

Customizable -> Change categories & look name as per your need.

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