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Social unlock

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Coupon campaigns

Promote your content and e-commerce platform using by giving tempting offers. These campaigns work for both creators as well as an e-commerce platform.

coupon campaigns

Redirect your audience to the desired location using secret links, in exchange for freebies or any exclusive content.



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It is important to customize your campaign as per your profession and content. Therefore, social unlock campaigns give you enough freedom to create and customize your with different colors and template your campaign as per your requirements.

You can even preview your campaigns while customizing them.


Edit campaign

While you can simply edit your existing campaigns, there is no need to create a whole new campaign from the scratch.

edit campaign

Special features

Email collector By activating Mailchimp, you can collect and export emails from your audience and grow your subscribers' list.

Donation box By using Buymeacoffee, you can collect tips and donations from your audience.

Promote video on the link Stop wasting time for your audience to complete the actions defined by you, instead share and popularize your video within the campaign itself.