Stream campaigns


Do you want to increase your fanbase? Do you want more people to listen to your streams, music and podcasts. Then introduce YTSUBME's stream campaigns to your fans that will help you get the most out of your content by giving them exclusive access in exchange for some powerful actions. Taking these steps will allow you to reach more people, grow your fan base, gain leads and open the door to new opportunities.

Who uses stream campaigns?

Stream campaigns are mostly loved and used by singers, musicians, podcasters, gamers and the types of creators that regularly uploads live streaming on their channel. They have been designed in such a way that they help creators to prmote their streams by different kind of unlocking methods. Get your streams viral by using YTSUBME's stream campaigns .

Ideas for using stream campaigns in different ways:

  • Offer a free concert ticket to a customer who shares your music with three people.
  • Reveal a discounted concert ticket to the people who follow you on your social media.
  • Give early access to your content to the people who follow you on Instagram.
  • Offer a coupon code that subscribes to your Youtube channel and turns on the notification button.
  • Promote multiple streams at the same time using different actions.
  • Notify your fans earlier who buys your premium membership about your upcoming live streaming by providing them a redirecting link.
  • Promote your podcasts on YouTube in exchange for some impulse actions.
  • Get your music viral by different unlocking actions.
  • Give the latest updates, hints, or teaser of your upcoming music to your loyal fans us