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Create & Share Your Short Link

Share Your links in Youtube Video description or any where on social Mediai its upto you to make users click your links.

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Subscribe To Unlock

Your Audience has to subscribe you to get redirected to the target link (Download file) in this case.

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Watch Your Subscriber Count Grow

YTSUBME Helps you to Gain Subscribers When someone Unlock the link , more than 100k+ creators joined! Its Free

It is the link which Your audience will be redirected to once they have subscribed you ,It may Be Any Link , a download link or a webpage link , Just any link! Example :

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From your browser, copy the URL of this page. This is your channel's ID-based URL.
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It is Your Channel Link , Which Your Audience will Subscirbe too. Example :

Great question! When you short a link, e.g. a download or an interesting site with, all users first have to do whatever you want them to if they want to continue to the target site, like subscribe to you, or like a video of yours."

No, remembers all subscribed channels,automatically followed accounts, liked videos, etc. and will automatically mark these steps as done across all shortened links." "

We would usually suggest you to put it in your video descriptions , but as per my personal usage if you have another website , just tell users to come to your website and send users to links from there !works 100%

Feel free to reach out to us via email: [email protected] All links are safe in our database & yours links will never expire ♥

Make sure you are using "https://" before the links as prefix for example youtube channel url should be like : Target Url Should be like :

Currently , in beta, You can Promote your channel accros near 100000+ visitors /month, Just choose your plan